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Power Electronic Unit
applied for electric commercial vehicles 

Power Electronic Unit(PEU)

Power electronic unit is the safety center of new energy vehicles, as the combination of high voltage distribution(PDU), MCU, air pump and oil pump DC/AC controller, DC/DC controller, OBC and insulation monitoring responsible for battery power transformation and transmission control.


Intelligent Control

With a built-in intelligent control module, it has the function of high voltage detection and fault self-diagnosis of contactor, melting breaker and other parts.



Adopting modular design concept, realizing the integration of DC/DC, high voltage power distribution module and so on.


LK-2 图形.jpg

1. Main Drive Power Electronic Unit(Incl.MCU)

2. Auxiliary Drive Power Electronic Unit(Excl.MCU)

3. On Board Power Supply (DCDC/OBC)

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