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We’re based in Beijing & Wuhan China, and are in process of globalization

SINOVATION currently has a Research Center and two manufacturing base in Beijing and Guangdong, One branch in Wuhan; One branch in Europe; One international company in Hongkong for oversea marketing.

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We have three R&D centers and one national laboratory that focused on the electirc vehicles technologies and operation guarantee.

  • Beijing Electric Vehicle Engineering Research Center

  • Beijing International Technology Cooperation Base of China & Europe Electric Bus System

  • Beijing Electric Vehicles Collaborative Innovation Center

  • Sinovation National Engineering Laboratory For Electric Vehicles


We have two specialized manufacturers in China which ensure our products are of the highest quality and meet our customers' expectation in both performance and delivery

Manufacturing is at the heart of our business. We ensure that our products are optimised for manufacture and test with a strong supply chain closely linked to our current and future models. These products are ultimately more reliable in the field and easier to provide through-life support for.

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We are the supplier of advanced power system platforms and key components in the field of pure electric vehicles, and the advocate of new operating model.

For many years the company focuses on researching crucial technologies of new energy vehicles incessantly, and has already mastered the core technologies including: vehicle dynamics control technology, battery pack and high voltage safety technology, electric drive and transmission system technology, distributed drive and intelligent vehicle network technology, and has produces the vehicle control unit, integrated power conversion controller, distributed driving controller, electric transmission and drive system and some other series products.


A complete modern corporate management system has been formed and the products have been applied across China and exported to EU, South Korea and other overseas markets

Since its establishment, the company has taken over many national beijing’s major technological projects and achieved a variety of innovation patent and software copyright, mastering the whole-vehicle smart network control technology, vehicle dynamics control technology, integrated electric drive and transmission technology and HVIC control technology.

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