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SINOVATION is an innovation company in China’s new energy vehicle key parts market. The company designs, develops, manufacturers, and sells premium smart commercial electric vehicles parts and assembly since 2010. Through over 10 years continuous innovations in product, technology, and the business model the company provides the customers high quality products and EV solutions. SINOVATION is also a pioneer and leading company of electric commercial vehicles technology in China.


The company currently have employs more than 230 people. With two manufacturer bases, one product research center and one EV parts testing Lab that located in Beijing, Guangdong and Wuhan of China.

Many manufacturers choose to expand their products to additional countries due to increasing sales opportunities. It is much easier for communication to occur between a local company and local customers.To be our local representative in your country or region.

Gaining a job as a local representative does require a particular company license, top priority in new energy vehicle or auto parts industry, especially North America, Europe and South East Asia, etc.





What You’ll Do

  • Extreme passion for new energy and auto parts.

  • Develop your expertise and experience. Take advantage of participating in local business events including special members’ only masterminds, access to new developments and other unique industry-related opportunities. 

  • A representative office are supposed to doing collecting, compiling, analysing and disseminating business information related to its field of activities.

  • Provide resources from across local place related to  auto parts industry and more, such as local exhibitions 

  • When you join SINOVATION, you become part of our union family with local, our company support for you in new energy vehicles. ​

Who You are

  • SINOVATION is the pioneer  in electric commercial vehicles technology in China. We have been designing and marketing premium smart commercial electric vehicle parts and assembly.

  • In 2004, SINOVATION team developed the first ultra low floor pure electric bus with independent intellectual property rights in China successfully.Today, SINOVATION  product portfolio includes high-quality CVU.

  • We work with our suppliers and our automotive clients to create an environment of mutual trust.

  • We are one team striving for success and a loyal and reliable partner on all levels of cooperation.

  • Everything we do is shaped by our commitment to fairness, continuity, sustainability and reliability. We are also fundamentally committed to looking after the environment and conserving resources on all levels.

  • We are always eager to start a new chapter with you!

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