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Port Contaner Transfer Vehicle Case Study

AEBS Pure Electric Drive and Quick Release Battery System

SINOVATION for customers to develop the world's first custom configuration AEBS and rapid release battery, new energy vehicle high-tech 4X2 pure electric tractor successfully passed the expert group acceptance and delivery of customers. Upon delivery, the customer port container short-haul transshipment business will be undertaken and is scheduled to be launched in bulk after the vehicle has been certified.

Customer is an internationally renowned shipping group founded in 1940, providing a one-stop solution including shipping, land transport, warehousing logistics and air transport agents. Land transport sector business includes short, medium and long-distance inland container transport, port container cargo transshipment, door-to-door logistics services, with more than 300 diesel tractors, is the largest logistics and transport fleet in the region. According to the strategic planning of the business development of the customer group and the further improvement of the local government's environmental standards requirements, the growing demand for a pure electric tractor transportation team has contributed to this cooperation.

For thisreason, SINOVATION has developed its own pure electric drive system and a fast release battery system. Drive system performance is excellent, stable, efficient, reliable, and has the advantage of batch production, rapid release battery system fundamentally solves the problem of power battery safety, dispels customer concerns about battery safety, and has been used in the field of civil aviation in bulk, to obtain relevant certification.

According to the customer logistics and transportation department head of the introduction, in the absence of the local government to upgrade environmental standards and pure electric tractor right of way, pure electric tractor compared with traditional diesel tractors, operating costs will be significantly reduced. It is understood that the batch of prototype vehicles are mainly responsible for the port container short-haul transshipment business, the average daily mileage of more than 400 kilometers. According to estimates, the electricity cost of pure electric heavy card is only half of the average cost of diesel tractor oil, every car every day to save fuel costs of more than 500 yuan, a year only fuel cost savings of more than 180,000, two to three years to recover the cost of car purchase. This joint development model, equipped with high-power dual-gun DC fast charging technology, 30 minutes can be completed from 20% charging to 80%, in the vehicle operation shift gap can be completed to replenish power, effectively ensure the vehicle operating time. In order to further solve the customer's medium- and long-distance transportation needs, the power battery rapid release technology developed by Science and Technology Huatron can also be compatible with the power exchange operation mode, in this mode, according to the operating line and carrying goods, only need to set up a centralized charging power station along the way can complete the rapid power change of the vehicle within 5 minutes.

E-tractor Solution:

Including vehicle controller, integrated controller, dual-motor powertrain. The vehicle controller is the company's platform product; the integrated controller is designed to meet the requirements of the tractor for power distribution, oil and gas pump motor control, and low-voltage power consumption of the vehicle. The dual-motor controller is integrated; the dual-motor is matched with 2 gears. The planetary gearbox, the integrated design of the motor and the transmission shell, and the standardized interface design meet the needs of lightweight and compatible with the trend of platformization of the power system. 

Self-developed pure electric drive system and quick release battery system. The drive system has excellent performance, stability, efficiency, reliability, and has the advantage of batch cost; the quick release battery system fundamentally solves the safety problem of power batteries, dispels customers' concerns about battery safety, and has been applied in the civil aviation field in batches , Obtain relevant certification.

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Battery Change Station:

Foton 4X2 electric tractor is a replacement product,  with zero emissions pollution-free,  lightweight,  can quickly replace power batteries and other advantages. The vehicle can achieve a 5min quick power change function, effectively solving the limited bottleneck of long charging time of the electric heavy card.  The power battery uses the lithium iron phosphate battery by CATL, high energy density(160.26Wh/kg), good cycle life, the powertrain uses Permanent Magnetic Sync Motor by TOP GEAR and 4th AMT transmission, powerful, equipped with EBS braking decoupling and motor energy recovery power consumption is low.

The electric tractor adopts a lightweight design, self-weight light, lighter than similar competition on the market 1T.


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