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e-bus solution!

The Distributed Pure Electric Driving system Application 

The Distributed Pure Electric Drive System

The platform of the distributed pure electric drive system is developed by SINOVATION, based on the researching experience in the field of distributed electric drive system and differential drive system for more than 10 years. The all-wheel drive system, whose core components were developed independently, has completely solved the problems of torque distribution between different shafts or different wheels and realized the adaptive differential control for all the wheels. The system has not only optimized the configuration of the biaxial drive system and coordinated control of the drive system, but also realized the integrated control of drive force, braking force and yawing moment, making the driving safer and more efficient.

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connection diagram of the system.jpg
Connetion of diagram  of the system

Advantages of the Solution

The company’s distributed driving control strategy is integrated with modern response surface prediction model and neural network predictive control technology. The company invented a model of driving/braking torque distribution between axes/wheels considering the efficiency, anti-slip/anti-block as well as yaw stability control. It can meet the drivers’ demands of dynamic performance and handing and reduce the vehicle’s total energy consumption by 5.8% at the same time.

Vehicles Turn In Extreme Conditions.jpg
  1. Equilibrium quality distribution: scattered arrangement of the drive system makes the load distribution between different shafts more reasonable.

  2. Reasonable vehicle structure: the lower floor extends the interior space

  3. High energy utilization rate: the shorter transmission chain improves the vehicle efficiency.

  4. Integrated control: Independent wheel driving/braking control, yawing moment control and optimized energy control make the driving safer and more efficient

Applicable Models:

meters in-wheel motor electric commercial passenger vehicle

12 meters in-wheel motor electric commercial passenger vehicle

18 meters in-wheel motor electric  low pedal articulated city bus


Battery Change Station


Replace the integrated products, with zero emissions pollution-free, lightweight, can quickly replace power batteries and other advantages.   

e-bus in Europ

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