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Local Exclusive

SINOVATION is an innovation company in China’s new energy vehicle key parts market. The company designs, develops, manufacturers, and sells premium smart commercial electric vehicles parts and assembly since 2010. Through over 10 years continuous innovations in product, technology, and the business model the Company provides the customers high quality products and EV solutions. SINOVATION is also a pioneer and leading company of electric commercial vehicles technology in China.


The company currently have employs more than 230 people. With two manufacturer bases; One product research center and one EV parts testing Lab located in Beijing; Guangdong and Wuhan of China.

SINOVATION International would like to add to it’s growing family of worldwide Dealers. Certain areas in the world are open for Dealer opportunities.





What You’ll Have-Products& Solution

  • Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

  • Power Integrated Controller(DC/DC, OBC)

  • Motor Drive Assembly

  • Wire Harness

  • Battery Pack

  • e-Commercial Vehicle Solution

  • Special Electric Vehicle Solution

  • e-Construction Machinery Solution

  • EV-Chassis Solution

  • Electric Vehicles Solution

What You'll Have- Support & Development

  • Diversified Products: We can provide products that meet different needs, including hardware and software technical services, product customization and development, electrification transformation and system solutions.

  • Product Distribution Rights: We will provide you with sales rights and preferential policies, so that you can occupy market share in the local market without worries and obtain higher profits.

  • Training Support: We will provide you with professional market analysis and training, provide you with sales strategies in the local market, help you develop new markets and service OEMs in the shortest possible time.

  • Publicity and Exhibition Support: Provide product catalogues and brochures as well as necessary promotional materials to ensure that you can develop business smoothly in the local place and can provide exhibition samples and design support when necessary.

  • After-sales Service Guarantee: We will provide you with high-end products and services and provide comprehensive support and services for your business. No matter in terms of product quality, technical support, after-sales service, etc., we will provide the most professional services to ensure that you can meet the needs of customers

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