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High Voltage Cable Assembly
for electronic vehicle


Main Parameter

Specification: 2.5-120mm

Flame Retardant Rating: UL94V-0

Protection Class: IP67

Temperature: --40 ℃ ~125℃

Load Voltage: 750Vdc

Charging Socket: International standard


Complete Specifications

2.5mm2-70mm2 full range of new energy automotive wiring harness

Compatible with AVIC, Nanjing Kangni, Amphenol, Reach up, leading technology and other commonly used brand of high-voltage connectors.


Safe and Reliable

Wire harness with connector can meet the IPX7 protection class, Common specifications can meet IPX8 protection class.


Easy to Use

Small bending radius, clear identifications, strong retroactivity

Easier to arrange in the vehicle, easy to identify in the after-sales process.

And accept the customized development of new specifications, new models of high-pressure wire harness.


Standardized Product

In Line with the relevant standards of electric vehicles

After years of upgrading and optimization, product standards, production process and verification capabilities are more complete.


Superior Performance

Cable selection, over-current, long-term heart resistance 125-150℃, flame retardant grade UL94V0,bending performance is more superior.Applicable to a variety of environments.

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