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DC/DC Converter

DC-DC converter products are widely used in various fields of technology, among which new energy vehicles such as electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are one of its main application fields. A reliable DC-DC converter provides DC regulation to prevent failures in the application system.

Product Model: HC6KWDL

Functional: Full Digital Software Design

Woking Temp.:                   -40℃~85℃

Rated Out Power :             6kW

Input Voltage Range:       400-750Vdc

Rated Output Voltage:     27.5vDC

Rated Output Current:     218A

Low Input Voltage:            9-32Vdc

Efficiency:                             ≥95%

Output Voltage Ripple.:       ≤500mVPK-PK Output Voltage Accuracy :   ±1%

Voltage Wake-up    :               CAN/KL15

CAN Communication:           CAN-BUS

Static Current:                         ≤2mA

EMS Standard:                        GB/T18655-2010

Dim:                                            326*211*83mm 

6kW  DC/DC Converter

Protection: Input OVP/UVP, output OVP/UVP, OTP, input reverse protection, output short circuit protection, OCP, OTP 



Sinovation EV DC/DC converters have Fan Cooled and Liquid Cooled type.-cooling, integrable and bus-specific products, and the product output power range covers 0.3KW-6KW. Cooling method is by aluminum. Moreover it can support on-line upgrade and fault diagnosis, full digital software design, redundant protection function design.  

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