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On Board Charger

Electric vehicles are equipped with batteries with lighter weight and higher power density, which can not only increase driving range, but also potentially be used to support independent loads.

The on-board charging system is installed on an electric vehicle to adjust the AC or DC input power to a calibrated voltage/electricity.

Product Model: HC11KWCL

液冷11kw obc.jpg
 11kW Liquid Cooled
  On Board Charger

 Functional: Full Digital Software Design

Working Temp.:                   -40℃~85℃

Rated Out Power :              11kW

Input Voltage Range:        Three phase 304-456VAC(L-L voltage, three phases four lines 

Output Voltage Range:     200-450Vdc/400-650Vdc/450-750Vdc    

Max. Output Current:         32A/23A/20A

Low Input Voltage:             9-32Vdc

Efficiency:                             ≥94%

Voltage Accuracy :              ±1%

Current Accuracy :              ±3%

Output Wake-up    :           200mA max(wake_up signal)

Voltage Wake up:               AC CC/CP, VCU_EN

CAN Communication:       CAN-BUS

Static Current:                     ≤2mA

Protection:                      Input OVP/UVP, output OVP/UVP, OTP, output short circuit                                                                               protection, CAN communication breakdown protection.

EMS Standard:                     GB/T18387:2008, EN55022

Dimension:                            369*238*98mm 


Sinovation EV OBC from nominal output power 40kW to 3.3kW, have fan cooled and liquid cooled type and supporting on-line upgrade and fault diagnosis, full digital software design ,redundant protection function design.

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