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Sinovation Driving Platform are used in commerical vehicles, including minitruck, light duty truck, medium-duty platform, heavy-duty truck, city van, 6M bus, 8M bus, 12M bus and 12M coach.

Sinovation EV technical platform including vehicle controller, integrated controller and powertrain. The advantages of Sinovation EV technical platform system take into account the power and economic needs of the vehicle. The powertrain has become an electric drive axle product with highly integrated technology of motion motors, transmissions, and differentials. Matching dual motors and transmissions enables the power system to have a variety of working modes, taking into the needs of the vehicle's power and economy account. The drive system has good environmental adaptability and can operate stably and reliably in high temperature and high humidity environments and extremely cold environments.

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1. Commerical Electric Vehicle Driving Platform

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