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6M Bus Technology Platform

Drive System includes vehicle controller, integrated controller and direct drive motor. The integrated controller is configured  according to the electric light truck including a motor controller, an on-board charger, and a DCDC .  400N m drive motor assembly  match electric drive bridge composed of  9.49 speed ratio reducer.

A2整车控制器 HCDN67VCU-41B.jpg
Vehicle Controller

Product Model: HCDN67VCU-41B

Protect Level:          IP67

Voltage Plateau :    9-32V

Dimension:              264*208*44 (mm)

Chip :                      NXP

Pin Count:             121pin

Weight:                   1.3kg

C3四合一高压集成控制器 HC60LKPIC-K21.jpg

Product Model: HC60LKPIC-K21

Functional: MCU + DC + OBC + PDU 

Rated Capacity:      110kVA

Peak Capacity:        180kVA

Cooling Model:       Hydrocooling

Weight:                     28kg 

Dimension:              422*355*193(mm)

DCDC:                           3kW

Working Voltage :            250-750VDC

Protect Level:                    IP67

IGBT:                                    1200V/600A

Intergrated Controller
2 in 1 drive assembly 600x600.jpg
Drive Assembly

Product Model: HC1N30PWT-LMC

Rated Power :                50kw

Peak Torque :                 3046N.m

Reduction Ratio:           9.49

Rated Voltage:       322VDC

Peak Power:            90KW

Peak Speed:            632rpm

Weight:                     99kg

Dimension:             588*554*388 (mm)


The system is fully developed forward, with low cost and high reliability as the goal. The integrated controller adopts the passenger car HP1 solution, and the motor and VCU adopt platform products.

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