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Heavy Duty Truck Technology Platform

Heavy Duty Truck is including vehicle controller, integrated controller, 2-speed AMT powertrain. The integrated design of the integrated controller integrates the motor controller on the basis of meeting the needs of medium size truck for power distribution, oil and gas pump motor control, and low-voltage power consumption of the whole vehicle; the smaller permanent magnet motor matches the 2-speed AMT, the motor The integrated design with the transmission housing meets the needs of lightweight.

Vehicle Controller

Product Model: HCDN67VCU-41B

Protect Level:          IP67

Voltage Plateau :    9-32V

Dimension:           264*208*44 (mm)

Chip :                      NXP

Pin Count:             121pin

Weight:                 1.3kg


Product Model: HC60LXPIC

Functional: MCU + DC + Oil Pump AC +Air Pump AC + PDU 

Rated Capacity:     195kVA

Peak Capacity:       400kVA

Cooling Model:       Hydrocooling

Weight:                     40kg 

Dimension:         590*460*208 (mm)

DCDC:                       3kW

Working Voltage :         400-750VDC

Protect Level:                 IP67

IGBT:                                 1200V/600A

Air Pump AC:                  5.5KW

Intergrated Controller
Drive Assembly

Product Model: HC4U198PWT-TPA-1-T50

Rated Power :               220kw

Peak Torque :                19825N.m

Reduction Ratio:          7.93/3.53/1.74/1

Rated Voltage:               620VDC

Peak Power:                   360KW

Peak Speed:                   3400rpm

Weight:                            630kg

Dimension:                     1134*655*607 (mm)


1.  Taking into t the economic needs of the vehicle's power level account

2. System shifting process is fast and smooth

3.  Energy management strategy has good adaptability to working conditions

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