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Suppliers Chain

SINOVATION is an innovation company in China’s new energy vehicle key parts market. The company designs, develops, manufacturers, and sells premium smart commercial electric vehicles parts and assembly since 2010. Through over 10 years continuous innovations in product, technology, and the business model the Company provides the customers high quality products and EV solutions. SINOVATION is also a pioneer and leading company of electric commercial vehicles technology in China.


The company currently have employs more than 230 people. With two manufacturer bases; One product research center and one EV parts testing Lab located in Beijing; Guangdong and Wuhan of China.

We and our manufacturers work together to succeed in engaging in green vehicle industry.

We are asking advanced our suppliers in terms of spare parts and innovation, so we look for suppliers who are technical leaders in their fields.





What You’ll Do

  • We like working with suppliers whose values and strategies correspond to our own-suppliers who want to work closely with us and building up long-term partnership.

  • We expect the introduction to be a quick, well-structured and secure process, so we involve our suppliers at an early stage of our development process to ensure that requirements in therms of quality, cost, environment and deadlines can be meet.

  • We expect competitive prices and continuous improvements in cost structures and efficiency.

  • Our products are premium products of the highest quality.

  • Our supply chain partners to achieve SINOVATION to be the world's most successful Control Vehicle Unit solution provider, we place high demands on our supply chain partners. We expect products and services to be of top quality, and we expect good management from all our supply chain partners.

  • We believe that behaving responsibly is the only foundation on which we can build a truly sustainable business with our supply chain partners..

Who You are

  • Adhering to the "succession, leadership, openness, innovation, sharing" business philosophy, to achieve win-win cooperation with customers, partners, suppliers development model.

  • We fully promote independent research and development and technical cooperation, establish a long-term solid strategic cooperative relations, through zero-level research and development system and modular product integration capabilities, continue to provide customers with safe and reliable products, quality services and overall solutions.

  • Development – working together according to our key principles

  • We see both our business partners and stakeholders as part of a big family where traditional principles of integrity and humanity still count. By treating each other fairly and by embracing diversity, together we act with social responsibility.

  •  Effective, open two-way communication is at the heart of any strong business relationship. A mutual appreciation and willingness to consider the needs and opinions of the other party clears the ground for suppliers and buyers to work in ways which maximise the interests of both.

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