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Mining Truck Technology Platform

The drive system includes vehicle controller, integrated controller, dual-motor powertrain. The integrated design of the integrated controller meets the requirements of 12-meter bus for power distribution, oil and gas pump motor control, and low-voltage power consumption of the entire vehicle. The dual-motor controller is integrated. The dual motors are matched with a 2-speed planetary gearbox, the motor and the transmission housing are integrated design, and the interface is standardized.

41B-整车控制器HCDN67VCU-41B 白底.jpg
Vehicle Controller
Integrated Controller
Drive Assembly


1.Matching dual motors and transmissions enables the power system to have a variety of working modes, taking into account the needs of the vehicle's power and economy.

2.The dual-motor electric drive system shifts quickly, smoothly, and without power interruption, which solves the problems of shock and power interruption in the shifting process of traditional transmissions.

3.The drive system has good environmental adaptability and can operate stably and reliably in high temperature and high humidity environments and extremely cold environments.

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