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Dual-Motor e-Powertrain

Dual-Motor Electric Powertrain


Key Features
  • Continuous Power: 230kW

  • Peak Power: 370kW

  • Continuous Torque: 2150Nm

  • Peak Torque: 4480Nm

  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 4500rpm

  • 2-Speed Transmission: 2.98/1

  • No power interruption during gear shifting

This product is a dual-motor coupling variable-speed drive system, which is mainly composed of an auxiliary motor (AM) equipped with a two-speed planetary transmission and a traction motor (TM) directly connected with the drive axle. It has 3 significant driving modes: torque mode, economic mode and power mode, giving full consideration to low-speed & high torque and high-speed & high-power conditions, so as to improve the comprehensive performance and reliability of the vehicle.


The peak power of this product is 370kW, rated power is 230kW. The peak torque is 4450Nm, the maximum speed is more than 4500rpm, and the total weight of the product is only 317 kg, namely the power & torque density has increased more than 30% compared on the same level. The average system efficiency is 87% under C-WTVC condition test, and the drive efficiency is up to 94.5% under 40km/h constant speed condition.


It can be used in 16~25 tons of freight vehicles, 10~12 meters of coaches or 12~18 meters of city buses.


  • Dual-motor electric drive system without power interruption system.

  • Sufficient power, no power interruption when shifting gears.

  • Planetary speed change mechanism, high efficiency.

  • Suitable for 12-18M vehicle

  • Applied to 12M Winter Olympics pure electric, fuel cell bus, 16-25T commercial vehicle.

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