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With the changes in the global trade situation, the economies of various countries are gradually turning to high-quality development, and ports are also gradually transitioning to high-quality development. "Integration, intelligence, and green" have become the new direction of port transformation. At present, countries all over the world are paying more and more attention to green development, and tractors for container operations in ports are also developing a new energy revolution. "Zero-emission" pure electric tractors will become the main tool for port container transportation. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric tractors are more in line with future automobile development trends, can better integrate the construction of smart ports, and greatly reduce port pollutant emissions; and on the basis of maintaining a single-vehicle operation, electric tractors consume more energy. Low, daily maintenance is easier to operate, and the use cost has obvious advantages.

SINOVATION EV customized and developed the world's first 4X2 pure electric tractor with AEBS and quick release battery, new energy vehicle high-tech 4X2 pure electric tractor successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of the expert group and delivered to the customer. After delivery, it will undertake the short-distance transshipment business of the customer's port container.

Cost Analysis:

The average daily mileage of more than 400 kilometers. According to estimates, the electricity cost of pure electric heavy card is only half of the average cost of diesel tractor oil, every car every day to save fuel costs of more than 500 yuan, a year only fuel cost savings of more than 180,000, two to three years to recover the cost of car purchase.

Charge and Exchange mode:

This joint development model, equipped with high-power dual-gun DC fast charging technology, 30 minutes can be completed from 20% charging to 80%, in the vehicle operation shift gap can be completed to replenish power, According to the operating line and carrying goods, only need to set up a centralized charging power station along the way can complete the rapid power change of the vehicle within 5 minutes.

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Sinovation EV One-Stop Electric Solution For 1-50T vehicles 

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