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Shanghai Electric Bus Project (World Expo 2010)


Taking the 2010 Shanghai World Expo as an opportunity, The Company became a supplier of spare parts t that providing key components such as vehicle controller, electric drive and transmission system, power conversion integrated controller and so on for its 12-meter pure electric bus, with a cumulative supply of 60 units/sets. The Expo Park pure electric bus, equipped with the technology platform of SINOVATION's pure electric bus power system, has become the main model of the zero-emission service area in the central area of the Expo Park, transporting 500,000 visitors per day. During the high-intensity operation, which lasted for half a year, the vehicle was in good condition and running smoothly, maintaining a high attendance rate.

After the World Expo, the batch of vehicles have been put into the central city of Shanghai 36 road, 939 road and other bus lines to operate, so far a cumulative operation of 5.83 million kilometers, a maximum of 100,000 kilometers of cycling operation. These pure electric buses driving noise-free, zero emissions, energy-saving and environmental protection, the performance of the whole vehicle is excellent by users.

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