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Sinovation EV Products Appear At The Chain Expo To Showcase Leading Technologies In EV Core Components.

On November 28th, 2023, the first China International Supply Chain Expo with the theme of "Linking the World and Creating the Future Together" opened at the China International Exhibition Center. As a national level exhibition, more than 500 of the most representative global industrial and supply chain enterprises have gathered in Beijing, becoming an important opportunity for the development of key industries such as automobiles and high-end manufacturing.

At this exhibition, Sinovation EV showcased its latest core component product for new energy commercial vehicles - domestically produced vehicle control unit. This product has important value in improving the performance of new energy commercial vehicles and protecting the environment.

By participating in the Chain Expo, Sinovation EV showcased its leading technology and products in the field of new energy commercial vehicles to the world. This not only helps to increase the company's visibility and brand value, but also establishes closer connections with industry peers and potential customers. At the same time, the Chain Expo also provides an important platform for SinovationEV to understand industry trends and expand business opportunities.

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