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Various All-in-One EV Integrated Controllers

The high-voltage integrated controller new energy vehicle operation safety assurance center, which integrates high-voltage power distribution, air pump and oil pump DC/AC controller, DC/DC controller and insulation monitoring, is responsible for completing the conversion and transmission control of power battery energy.

At present, SINOVATION has successfully adopted the modular design concept to achieve the integrated integration of DC/DC, high-voltage power distribution and other modules, and manufactures matching integrated controllers according to different models, including six-in-one integrated controllers and five-in-one integrated controllers. , Four-in-one high-voltage integrated controller. five-in-one integrated controller from SINOVATION integrates five functional modules of vehicle charger OBC module, high-voltage power distribution PDU module, DC/DC step-down module, insulation monitoring module, contactor sintering detection module, and five-in-one integrated control The internal structure of the device is a low-voltage control layer, a high-voltage power layer, and a water-cooled heat dissipation layer. The five controllers are integrated in a metal shell, reducing the length of the high and low voltage wiring harness and improving the vehicle's anti-electromagnetic interference ability; reducing the quality of the vehicle, Reduce the energy consumption of the whole vehicle and increase the mileage of the vehicle; the integration of the controller is conducive to improving the stability of the controller function, and is convenient for later program update and maintenance.

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