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Exhibition News Frontline-SinovationEV With Exhibits Showing to Busworld Europe Belgium 2023


On Oct.7,2023, Belgian World Bus Expo was grandly held at the Brussels Convention and Exhibition Center in Belgium! On the first day of the exhibition, the venue was unprecedentedly enthusiastic. As a provider of overall solutions for electric vehicle power platforms, Sinovation Electric Vehicle Technology Group. (hereinafter referred to as "SinovationEV") presented its products at booth No. 961 of Hall 9.

The focus of this exhibition is on the dual electric electromechanical drive assembly, All in one power electronic unit, high-voltage cable assembly, battery quick release system, vehicle power supply, etc., which has received widespread attention from exhibitors. An endless stream of visitors have reflected the practicality and foresight of the product, and detailed on-site explanations have also made customers feel the charm of our company's products.

The solution includes VCU, PEU, Electric powertrain, battery quick release system,DCDC converter and HV cable assembly.

Support customer self-developed programs, support functional safety (ISO26262) for functional safety, refer to AutoSAR standards for software, support XCP/CCP protocol for base software, and have a Bootloader based on UDS/J1939

Electric Powertrain Assembly

Equipped with a dual electromechanical drive assembly, integrated with dual motors and a two speed transmission, the assembly has a continuous power of 230kW, a peak power of 370kW, and a peak torque of 4500Nm. There is no power interruption during the shifting process.

Power Electronic Unit (LT)

Integrated with single or dual MCUs of 1200V600A/800A, 3/6kW DCDC Converter, 5.5kW DCAC, as well as distribution modules such as DC charging, air conditioning, PTC, PTO, etc.

Medium Bus and Light Truck Solution

Including VCU, PEU, Drive Motor which adapt to GVW 4.5-7.5T light truck,6-7M medium bus and 3-5T Airport baggage tractor.

Van and Minibus Solution

Including VCU, PEU, Drive Motor which adapt to GVW 3.5-4.5T light truck,4-5M mini bus .

Van/Minitruck Solution

Including VCU, PEU, Drive Motor which adapt to GVW 2-3.5T minitruck andvan,hybrid lighttruck and 3.5 Texcavator.

The Belgian World Bus Show(Busworld) was founded in 1971 and has a history of over 50 years. It is recognized as one of the largest and oldest professional bus shows in the world. With its strong influence and degree of specialization, it has become a vane of the world bus development trend. Its exhibited products represent the world's most advanced and cutting-edge technological achievements. This exhibition will feature 511 exhibitors from around the world, 309 buses and buses, and is expected to attract 40000 guests from 143 countries.

As a company that has been engaged in the research and development and industrialization of electric vehicle power platforms for a long time, SinovationEV continues to carry out technological research and product innovation in the field of new energy electric vehicles. At the same time, it actively expands and expands overseas markets, accumulates domestic and foreign operational experience, and is committed to providing customers with the best service. This time, SinovationEV presents its products on the top stage of the world's bus industry. We sincerely invite all participating guests to come and exchange views. We are looking forward to your visit!

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