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Sinovation Won The Special Prize of “ The 2nd New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Rally"


On March 29, 2023, the awarding ceremony of the " The 2nd New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Rally" organized by the National New Energy Technology Innovation Center was held in Xiamen City from 2022 Advanced Electric Drive and Intelligent Vehicle Innovation Summit. After intense short-listed defenses and layers of selection, the technical team of the power system of Sinovation EV won the high affirmation of the expert jury with the project of "Research on Configuration and Control Strategy of Dual-motor Variable Speed Drive System", and finally won the special prize of this year's rally.

New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Rally is the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center to solve the pain points of new energy vehicle technology, promote industrial innovation and collaboration, and focus on the core key technologies of professional technical fields and industry concerns. capital, innovative projects and teams, excellent project roadshows and selections for industrial applications.

The dual-motor coupled variable-speed drive system for this competition is a star technology product of Sinovation EV. It has been jointly developed by well-known companies such as Foton and Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group for four years. After three rounds of iterative optimization, the innovative dual-motor coaxial automatic The variable speed drive system configuration, invented the non-power interruption cooperative shift technology based on this configuration, and proposed the online calculation method of the gear position based on reinforcement learning, which solved many common technical problems in the industry. Compared with the 3500Nm-3500rpm output characteristics that can be achieved by the current domestic and foreign cutting-edge technology solutions, it further improves the drive capacity to 4500Nm-4500rpm, and at the same time increases the power density by 40%, becoming a revolutionary benchmark product in the field of centralized drives. This product is well adapted to the driving needs of the new generation of new energy road vehicles, and has been unanimously recognized and praised by the evaluation experts.

After competing with dozens of industry projects for the initial evaluation and final evaluation with 17 outstanding projects for the on-site defense competition, the project of "Dual-motor variable-speed drive system configuration and control strategy research" project of Sinovation was finally awarded the second new energy The Grand Prize of the Automobile Technology Innovation Rally.

About Sinovation EV:

Sinovation was established in 2010. It is the most important industrialization support unit of electric vehicle technology. Sinovation has long been committed to the research of key technologies for new energy vehicle electronic control and drive systems. A series of core technologies have been mastered in fields such as all-weather battery one-button heating, and products such as vehicle controllers, high-voltage integrated controllers, distributed drive system controllers, and electric drive and transmission systems have been formed, which can be used by new energy vehicle manufacturers providing reliable electronic control and drive system solutions and technical support services, and strive to be an outstanding new energy vehicle system integration enterprise.

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