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Sinovation Won the FAW JIEFANG Lantu Leading Award

On February 21,2023 the FAW JIEFANG 2023 Business Annual Meeting was grandly held in Chengdu. With the theme of "gathering wisdom and innovation, taking advantage of the trend, working hard and vowing to win the first place", this conference advocates continuous optimization and improvement around the dimensions of goal achievement, satisfaction improvement, and marketing innovation, so as to promote mutual benefit and win-win for manufacturers, partners, and users.

As a strategic supplier of FAW JIEFANG’s core supporting products, Sinovation EV products cover vehicle controllers, integrated controllers, high-voltage wiring harnesses, etc., which are widely used in FAW Jiefang's light trucks, medium trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and special vehicles. With its excellent product quality, innovative product technology and perfect solutions, Polytechnic Sinovation won the "Blue Tour Pilot Award" of FAW Jiefang 2023.

As a system integrator of new energy vehicles, Sinovation EV focuses on the core platform of three electric vehicles of new energy vehicles. A series of core products independently developed, including vehicle controllers, integrated electric drive systems, and high-voltage integrated control systems for vehicles, are widely used. It is used in various types of new energy commercial vehicle markets.

In the more than ten years of cooperation between Sinovation and FAW Jiefang, it has been adhering to the principle of quality first and product first, continuously injecting Sinovation's core key technologies, and continuously realizing the rolling upgrade of power system platform technology and products. , take up the important task of "promoting national brand", drive the improvement of the technical level of the industry and promote the sustainable development of the company's business.

LK/LX integrated controller light truck solution

LK/LX integrated controller Medium-duty truck solution

LK/LX integrated controller heavy-duty truck solution

About Sinovation:

Sinovation EV has been engaged in the research and development of key technologies of new energy vehicles for a long time, and is committed to becoming an outstanding EV system integration enterprise. It has formed electrification platform solutions for new energy buses, trucks, construction machinery and airport equipment, covering vehicle controllers, all-in-one Integrated controllers, electric drive transmission systems and high-voltage wiring harnesses and other products.

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Sinovation EV One-Stop Electric Solution For 1-50T vehicles 

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