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Sinovation-EV Won the First Prize of "China Automotive S&T Award" Science and Technology Progress.

Sinovation-EV won the first prize of "China Automotive Science and Technology Award" Science and Technology Progress Award.

On October 19, the 2021 China Automotive S&T Award Ceremony was held in Shanghai. After several months of shortlisted defenses and selections, the project team jointly formed by scientific research institutions such as Science and Technology Sinovation- EV has won the high recognition of the expert jury with the self-built "all-climate high-performance electric bus power platform" , And finally won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Automotive S&T Award.

The China Automotive S&T Award is China's first social force to undertake awards registered and approved by the National Science and Technology Award Office, and it is also the only science and technology award for the national automobile industry.

After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, the award has now become the highest, most authoritative and influential science and technology award in the automotive industry in China. The award's expert jury is composed of top experts and scholars in the domestic automobile industry, and conducts a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of candidate projects, aiming to encourage the growth of automobile technology talents and promote the progress of China's automobile technology.

In September this year, the final appraisal meeting of the China Automotive S&T Award was held in Hefei. Dr. Lin Cheng, the chairman of Sinovation-EV who led the defense team and explained to more than 50 experts in the industry the core technologies of the all-climate high-performance electric bus power platform, including the creation of a battery system technology system for application under severe cold conditions, and the invention of wide engineering. Condition dual-motor coaxial automatic variable-speed drive system, invented a wide temperature range waste heat utilization type vehicle thermal management system, etc.

Among them, the dual-motor drive system is the star product of Sinovation-EV . After three rounds of iterative development, it innovated the configuration of the dual-motor coaxial automatic transmission drive system, invented the non-power interruption cooperative shift technology based on this configuration, and proposed The online calculation method of gear position based on reinforcement learning has solved the common technical problems of the industry and has become a benchmark product in the field of centralized dual-motor drive, which has been unanimously recognized and praised by review experts.

After competing with 150 industry projects in the preliminary evaluation and competing with 21 outstanding projects in the final evaluation, the “key technologies and industrial applications of the power platform for all-climate high-performance electric buses” project was finally awarded the first prize of "China Automotive Science and Technology Award" Science and Technology Progress Award. . Since its establishment, has always insisted on continuous independent innovation in the technical field. This award not only affirmed the early technology and product achievements, but also inspired Sinovation-EV to carry forward the past and forge ahead with innovation. We will continue to work hard and continue to introduce more outstanding electric platform products!

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