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On February 22. the opening and unveiling ceremony of the company’s gate were successfully held.

Specially invited Dinghu District Party Committee Secretary, Zhaoqing New District Party Working Committee Deputy Secretary, Management Committee Director Liu Yuntong, Dinghu District People's Congress Standing Committee Director Jiang Dongcai, Zhaoqing New District Party Working Committee Member, Dinghu District Party Committee Standing Committee Member, Organization Department Director Zhang Li, Huang Bingxin, vice chairman of the Dinghu District CPPCC, jointly participated in the opening ceremony of Sinovation EV and the opening of the gate. At the same time, relevant departments of Zhaoqing New District and Dinghu District, financial institutions, industry associations and media friends from all walks of life attended the unveiling ceremony.

Mr. Lin Cheng, chairman of Sinovation EV, delivered a speech. While thanking the party committees at all levels and relevant government departments for their full support for the development of various work of Sinovation EV, Mr.Lin said that Sinovation EV and Guangdong Sinovation EV will continue to provide more technical support for the field of new energy vehicles. It also makes greater efforts and contributions to promote and deepen government-enterprise cooperation.

Subsequently, Comrade Zhang Li, member of the Party Working Committee of Zhaoqing New District, member of the Standing Committee of the Dinghu District Committee and head of the Organization Department, was invited to deliver a speech. Member of the Standing Committee Zhang Li sincerely hopes that Sinovation EV can become bigger and stronger, spread its wings and take off, inject new impetus and add new momentum to the economic and social development of Zhaoqing New District.

Finally, Secretary Liu Yuntong, Director Jiang Dongcai, Standing Committee Member Zhang Li, Vice Chairman Huang Bingxin, Honorary Chairman Tan Yingying, Chairman Lin Cheng, Vice Chairman Chen Yufeng, Executive Director Lu Feng, Vice President Li Guoming, President Yu Xuecong and President Xie Yuehui jointly Unveiled the opening of the gate of Sinovation new factory, and invited all the leaders and guests present to visit the exhibition hall and production vehicles of Sinovation EV Factory.

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