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Leaders of the Nanhai District Government of Foshan City Visited Sinovation EV for Guidance

On the morning of July 8, 2023, Wang Yong, deputy secretary of the Nanhai District Committee and district mayor of Foshan City, and his entourage visited the headquarters of Sinovation EV in Beijing for guidance. Tan Guoying, chairman of Guangdong Huafeng New Energy., Lin Cheng, chairman of Sinovation EV, and Zhou Hui, general manager, warmly welcomed and accompanied the visit.

The government leaders of Nanhai District, Foshan City first visited the company's exhibition hall, and learned about the development history and series of products of Sinovation EV in detail under the introduction of Chairman Lin Cheng.

Afterwards, the two sides had a discussion and exchange in the conference room and watched the promotional video. During the exchange, District Mayor Wang Yong put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the current development of the enterprise. It is hoped that Sinovation EV can continuously improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, earnestly assume the responsibility of the enterprise, and make greater contributions to the promotion of regional economic development and the development of new energy vehicles.

The symposium ended successfully in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and the two sides took a group photo.

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