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Electric bus for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games


During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, by the early SINOVATION's planners, and the electric vehicle national engineering laboratory experts and scholars and engineering and technical personnel jointly formed a scientific research team, for 50 Beijing-China brand pure electric buses to provide a power system platform, the vehicle a total of 120,000 kilometers, transport athletes, officials, journalists and other 140,000 times, to achieve a "zero anchor" operation, strong social response. Olympic electric bus vehicle modeling design unique, body structure using lightweight design, interior aesthetics and elegance, high comfort, the use of specially developed electric low-floor bus chassis, barrier-free design, to meet the city bus secondary related requirements, the exterior surface of the body printed beijing Olympic Games officially provided with auspicious cloud pattern. The comprehensive technical index of the whole vehicle has reached the international advanced level, and some of the performance has reached the international leading level.

After the Olympic Games, the operation of 50 pure electric buses in Beijing bus 81, 84 into commercial operation, daily travel between the Olympic Village and Beijing South Station to serve ordinary citizens.

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