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Exhibition News Frontline | The 2nd Day of world/The popularity of the exhibition continues to rise.


Exhibition News Frontline | The 2nd day of the 2023 Busworld Europe in Belgium: The popularity of the exhibition continues to rise.

On Oct.8, 2023, the Busworld Europe in Belgium welcomed its second exhibition day, and the show's popularity continued to rise.

The exhibition site is bustling with people, and there is an endless stream of visitors who come to visit, experience, and negotiate. Let's first experience the exciting review of today's Sinovation EV Booth 961.

As the largest and oldest professional bus exhibition in the world, the Belgian World Bus Show has become a major battleground for the European and even global bus market. This exhibition is beneficial for our company to expand the international market, attract potential customers, and further promote overseas marketing cooperation.

This year's Belgian World Bus Show will continue until October 12th. We look forward to your continued attention. We are waiting for you here and will not see you again

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