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Electric Drive System in New Energy Vehicle

What is electric Drive System in New Energy Vehicle ?

The electric drive is composed of three parts: transmission mechanism, motor, and inverter. At present, the transmission mechanism of electric vehicles at home and abroad is single-motor deceleration, that is, there is no clutch and no speed change. In the future, electric vehicle companies will increase the complexity of the transmission mechanism, while reducing the demand for motors and motor rheostats, that is, improving performance and reducing costs.

The motor is composed of three parts: the stator, the rotor, and the housing. The key point of the motor technology is the stator and the rotor. The rotor is the main drive motor of the new energy vehicle, and it assumes all the functions related to the movement of the new energy vehicle. The motor of a new energy vehicle has a forward rotation and a reverse rotation. A forward rotation means forward driving, and a reverse rotation means reverse rotation.

In the process of positive rotation and acceleration of a new energy vehicle, the motor has a negative torque, and the accuracy of the torque means the speed of the acceleration of the new energy vehicle. When the torque produces an error, a new energy vehicle that needs a motor to accelerate, the mileage is converted to a battery that consumes the same energy, and the cost of the battery is higher than that of the motor, so the efficiency and performance of the new energy vehicle motor Important. At present, there are three main types of special click drive systems for automobiles: DC click drive systems, permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems, and AC induction click drive systems.

Electric powertrain system characteristic:

High energy conversion efficiency

No pollution, zero emissions, and environmentally friendly

Flexible and convenient to control working status

The working status of the system will not be affected by the external environment

The overall weight remains the same

No noise, no impact on the environment

Good and Safe .

Sinovation electric drive assembly and powertrain system mainly includes drive motor, transmission/ reducer.

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