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7 Departments Jointly Issued A Plan to Promote Green Consumption- Big Chance For New Energy Vehicle

Recently, seven departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Market Regulation, State Administration for Market Regulation, State Administration, China Direct Management Bureau."

The "Plan" proposes to expand the supply and consumption of green and low-carbon products, improve the institutional policy system and institutional mechanisms that are conducive to promoting green consumption, and promote the green transformation and upgrading of the consumption structure. It is necessary to insist on systematic promotion to achieve systematic energy conservation and loss reduction, energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Actively promote green residential consumption. Accelerate the development of green construction. Promote the large-scale development of green buildings and low-carbon buildings, and incorporate energy conservation and environmental protection requirements into the renovation of old communities. Comprehensively promote green and low-carbon building materials, promote the recycling of building materials, and encourage qualified areas to carry out green and low-carbon building materials to the countryside.

Vigorously develop green transportation consumption. Vigorously promote new energy vehicles, gradually remove restrictions on the purchase of new energy vehicles in various places, promote the implementation of support policies such as road restrictions and right of way, strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging and replacement, new energy storage, hydrogen refueling, and actively promote the development of LNG for vehicles and ships.

Comprehensively promote the consumption of green products. Promote the consumption of green products in an all-round way, promote e-commerce platforms, shopping malls, supermarkets and other distribution enterprises to set up green and low-carbon product sales areas, set up special green and low-carbon products in large-scale promotional activities, and actively promote green and low-carbon products.

Further stimulate the green power consumption potential of the whole society. All localities should organize power grid companies to regularly sort out and announce the distribution of local green power time periods, and guide users to consume more green power in an orderly manner. Strengthen the connection with carbon emission rights trading, and study the feasibility of deducting green power-related carbon emissions in emissions accounting in combination with the revision and improvement of technical specifications for accounting reports in related industries in the national carbon market. Continue to promote the innovative development of smart photovoltaics, vigorously promote the application of building photovoltaics, and accelerate the increase in the proportion of residents' green power consumption.

From HXNY website.

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