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Dual Motor Integrated Drive Assembly


Key Features
  • Dual-motor electric drive system without power interruption system.

  • Sufficient power, no power interruption when shifting gears.

  • Planetary speed change mechanism, high efficiency.

  • Suitable for 11-12M passenger vehilce

  • Applied to 12M Winter Olympics pure electric, fuel cell bus, 18-25T commercial vehicle.

  • 18T electric sanitation vehicle 12M fuel cell commercial bus.

Electric Driving Transmission System

Electric drive, transmission system and mechanical transmission of new energy automotive power train is a highly integrated drive motor, having advantages of strong driving force and lower energy consumption.


Product Overview



Using intelligent shift strategy could increase in power of drive, power factor will increased by 50%, vehicle climbing capacity will increased by 40%, while the combination of motor’s MAP optimization will effectively reduce energy consumption.


Simple Operation

Automatic gear shift and having the hand self-integrated shift mode. The operation is easy to use and effectively reduce the driving intensity.


Smooth and Comfortable

Put forward full torque control method of shifting process and introduce the optimal algorithm to achieve a highly quality of gears. The gear shifting process is stable which improve ride comfort.


General Purpose

Products’ topology structure and communication protocols could perfectly compatible with traditional direct drive electric vehicles. It has a strong commonality.

Highly Integrated

Integrated design making the transmission, drive motor and AMT shift control mechanism into a system integration.

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