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Power Electronic Unit

LK applied for light truck
medium bus system


Key Features
  • 1200V450A/600A MCU

  • 3kW DCDC Converter

  • 5.5kW DCAC Converter

  • 6.6kW On Board Charger

  • Power Distribution Units

  • Including DC Charging

  • Air Conditioner, PTC, PTO, etc.

120-150kW Platform

The solution includes vehicle control unit, PEU, drive motor, primarily oriented toward GVW 4.5-7.5 t light truck, 6-7m medium bus, and 3-5t airport baggage tractor.


1. The platform has high versatility and is widely used in light trucks, medium buses, etc. 

2. Mass production of more than 10,000 units.

3. High integration of PEU, combines MCU, DCDC, DCAC, OBC and PDU together, achieving flexible configuration.

4. High EMC level, meets Class 3 (on-laod work).

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