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Power Electronic Unit

LY-Applied for mini truck system

Key Features
  • 750V400A/600A MCU

  • 2kW DCDC converter

  • 6.6kW On Board Charger

  • Power Distribution Units

  • Including DC charging,

  • Air conditioner, PTC, etc.

60-90kW Platform

The solution includes vehicle control unit, PEU and drive motor, primarily oriented toward GVW 2-3.5t mini truck, mini van, hybrid light truck and 3.5t excavator.


1. The platform has high versatility and is widely used in mini trucks, mini vans, small excavators, etc.

2. High integration of PEU, combines MCU, DCDC& OBC and PDU together, achieving rich configurations.

3. High EMC level, meets Class  3 (on-load work)

60-90KW -LY.jpg
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